Biology is becoming the next coding platform

Bio will become the next Tech


Bio will eventually be approached like software. We focus on companies designing Bio products using a software engineering approach, building products using Bio code.

With software, we start by designing how it will solve a defined problem and build it such that it can be repeated and scaled. We anticipate that design and reliability are going to become the norm in Bio, just like they are in software.


Hardware revolutions are coming to Bio. We focus on companies creating hardware facilitating Bio coding, and making Bio more accessible and scalable.

We believe the financial threshold to develop Bio products has a detrimental effect on Bio innovation. Making Bio development more accessible will bring more developers, ideas and innovation to the field. An increase in innovation and accessibility will allow Bio to become commercially viable and impactful in areas beyond healthcare.

Compared to Bio, Tech does not suffer from this cost threshold problem. The barrier for entry for developers is low. A small group of developers can code an MVP and even launch a scalable product with little cost or infrastructure setup.

We think two major landmarks made Tech development the way it is today, and we believe Bio will follow similar evolutionary steps:

1. Hackers brought home the computer revolution. A similar innovation in Bio will result in an advent of small, affordable Bio-engineering tools, similar to early personal computers.

2. Cloud computing made it easy to scale. A similar innovation in Bio will result in new tools that will allow for the production of Bio at meaningful volumes without the need for expensive investment in infrastructure.

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