Biology is becoming the next coding platform, products will be designed rather than discovered, and Bio will disrupt virtually every industry.

Startups in Bio will be more like those in Tech: starting with a vision and designing a product to solve a customer pain point or disrupt a market.

The financial barriers to product development will be reduced, bringing more developers and innovation. Entrepreneurs will use Biology as a tool to make products, the same way software is used.

We build and invest around two major themes: Software and Hardware.



Ventures designing products rather than discovering science . We focus on Bio companies building products using a software engineering approach or using Bio code.



We focus on companies creating hardware to facilitate Bio coding and product development, and companies creating hardware made of biology.

We think two major landmarks made Tech development the way it is today, we believe Bio will follow similar evolutionary steps:

1. Hackers brought home the computer revolution. A similar innovation in Bio will result in the advent of small, affordable Bio-engineering tools, similar to early personal computers.

2. Cloud computing made it easy to scale. A similar innovation in Bio will result in new tools that will allow for the production of Bio at meaningful volumes without the need for expensive investment in infrastructure.

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