Mesia is a venture capital firm set on transforming the way we build and invest in Bio companies.

Our startup studio model.

We internally conceive and vet ideas, and invest in the best ones to launch Bio startups that will revolutionize our everyday lives.

1. We start by looking for a product/market fit. Only then we choose the right science to build the product, and put together the right team to build the company. This way, we create a product/market/science/team fit, increasing the chances of success for each startup.

2. We kill ideas early on instead of waiting for the market to do that.

Having been investors and entrepreneurs we can write the playbook for each company's success, and we know what it takes to have the right foundations.

What we care about.

Our drive is solving challenges inherent to our lives as human beings.

We believe Bio will disrupt virtually every industry, just like software and the internet did. We build and invest across multiple sectors: healthcare, computing, food, agriculture, materials, cosmetics, and consumer products.

Design rather than discover.

A revolution is coming to Bio.

Products will be designed rather than discovered. Ventures will become product-centric, rather than focus on the science as a starting point. Biology will become a platform to make products. Entrepreneurs will use it as a tool, the same way software is used.

The next generation of founders.

Visionary entrepreneurs are needed to lead the Bio revolution.

We partner with visionaries - entrepreneurs at heart with or without experience, scientists, executives and people with deep market insights - who want to step up, have an impact through Bio, and lead the revolution.

Bring your energy and talent.

We will bring the rest: the experience of building and scaling several ventures, the deep domain expertise, the playbook for the venture laid out, the first and second funding checks waiting, and all the support you need through the challenges of building a venture.

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