We are obsessed with improving people’s lives

We are inventors, investors, physicians, philosophers, deal-making attorneys, computer scientists, intellectual property strategists, researchers, painters and self-taught pianists.

We’ve been CEOs, LPs and members of startup boards.

We can write software code. We know how to start from scratch. We know the journey to growth and its hurdles. We know the value of partnerships.

Founding Partner

Mirella Mashiach

A veteran of the Bio industry, Mirella has managed a corporate venture fund and headed dozens of strategic partnerships for Teva Pharmaceuticals, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Serving as an LP in VCs, sitting on startup boards, fostering partnerships with an array of CEOs, and providing legal counsel to life sciences companies, has afforded Mirella an unparalleled outlook on investment, venture management, and company building.

The diversity of her experience and her exposure to the practicalities of growing a variety of Bio companies, are extremely uncommon and invaluable in the field.

Mirella holds an LLB in Law, which she pursued because of her sense of justice and desire to take care of others. Her BSc in Computer Science goes well with her crisp logical thinking. She studied for a MA in philosophy because she’s not one to accept things at face value.

Founding Partner

Adi Mashiach, MD

A physician, researcher, mathematician and programmer, Adi brings entrepreneurial expertise, with two successful Bio startups under his belt as a founder and CEO, and over 20 years of operational experience.

Adi’s ability to plot the course of Bio ventures resulted in clinical success and exits in two out of two companies, for which he has personally raised over $40M. His innovation is reflected by the 60 plus US patents he’s been granted, and the prestigious World Technology Award he received in 2014.

Adi started programming on the C64 at the age of seven, and completed a BSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Mathematics by nineteen. Then, he followed his heart and earned an MD degree.