Mesia Ventures is an entrepreneurial venture capital firm focused on early stage Bio

Mesia is not your typical fund:
We internally conceive, vet and found our portfolio companies.

1. We anticipate great opportunities in Bio in the next 10 years.

Bio companies will become more similar to Tech ones. Bio’s deal landscape will become similar to Tech’s.

Bio is a horizontal market, rapidly growing. In the past, advancements in Bio were confined to advances in the wet lab: biology and chemistry. Recent innovations in other technologies are enabling Bio to make a significant evolutionary step outside of the wet lab. We believe that step is about to become much bigger.

The evolution of Bio and expansion into other markets, coupled with the lowering barrier of entry to create Bio startups, will bring an abundance of innovation.

Bio will disrupt every industry and further affect our daily lives, just like software and the internet did.

2. Proactive thesis-based investment in Bio makes it easier to navigate the complexity of the market and flood of innovation.

Being thesis-driven means we maintain a firm grasp on our direction rather than chase others. It allows us to fully leverage our domain expertise.

3. Company creation is the quintessential proactive investment approach to capture the market opportunities in Bio.

It gives control over the deal flow. It naturally leads to better economics.

These matter especially given the increase in scope, complexity and competitive intensity of the venture business.

4. Product-Centric companies are better positioned for success than 
Science-Centric ones.

Good science does not guarantee a product/market fit. Having the product as the starting point allows building a company around the end goal.